Lesson Plans

Lesson 2

Who is your target audience?

The audience is the listeners of a radio programme, the viewers of a television programme or the users of a website.
Think about:

  • Your School Newsletter
  • The Herald Sun/The Geelong Advertiser (or local newspaper)
  • The project Channel 10
  • The 7.30 report ABC

Discuss: Who is the audience for each? Comment on the choice of news topics, language style and layout.
Journalists always need to think about their audience

1. Who is your audience for Deakin School News Network News Day? __________________

Write a list of news story ideas in the table below and the reason you chose it.

News Story

Why it was chosen










  • Brainstorm all the class responses and make a story list as a starting point.


2. Given your audience, are there any stories you would avoid reporting? Why?

  • Find some news of interest to each of these groups in a news bulletin, online news site or newspaper.



Primary school children






Visitors to your region






Football coach




Teacher Resources



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