Finding your news

Each school reporting team must make its own decision on what ‘news’ it will want to report on.

It’s often a good idea in journalism to keep your target audience in mind when you discuss possible stories:
- what would be the most interesting ‘news’ for your audience?
- what would they like to know more about?
- what do you think they should know more about?

Remember you can choose to report just one story or several stories - it's up to you and depends on what resources you have and how much time you can spend on the reporting.


There are many different types of news stories. Here are some suggestions of where you might start to look:

  • EVENTS: What is happening at your school that you could report on? It could be a music event or a drama event, a school fund-raiser, a sports event, a school trip....Or it could be an interesting teaching project that's happening at your school. Or perhaps there is a local event or even a national or international event which affects your school in some way.
  • INTERVIEWS: Some journalists get their news by speaking to important, interesting or knowledgeable people and getting new information and opinions about things which people will be interested in.
  • CELEBRITIES: Famous and prominent people often make news, so it may be worth thinking about who is connected to your school and whether they might be a possible news story for you. Does the school have former pupils who've gone on to do famous or interesting things? Is it worth contacting them to see if they'd do an interview about their time at school or whether they might come back to visit the school?
  • ISSUES: Are there any important issues that concern you and which will interest your audience? They may be local issues (about road safety around your school, for instance) or they may be international issues (about the environment, perhaps).
  • ANNIVERSARIES: Have a look back into your school's history and the history of the people connected to your school. The anniversary of a significant event sometimes makes a really interesting news story. It could be the anniversary of the school opening, or of work on a new building, or a significant event relating to the school.


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