Prepare your school webpage

Deakin School News Network gives students a real audience, by linking to their work from the dedicated Deakin website.

Schools are asked to create a dedicated page on a video sharing site or their school website and send the web address (or URL) to your contact at Deakin University, and we will link to it from the map of participating schools


What next?

If you're not technically minded, don't worry! Speak to your school's IT department or the people who look after the school website.

Create a dedicated DSNN web page on the school website or open up a dedicated account on a video sharing site, so that people can find the students' work. It must be accessible to the public, so don't use internal websites (or intranets) or pages that need a password.

You may like to add photos of your media team, information explaining roles eg editor, journalists, camera team etc.

Once your page is live, email the web address (URL) to the DSNN team so we can link to your webpage.


When should I create the page?

As soon as you can!

Your school will appear as a link from the DSNN website map as soon as your page is ready.

Generally though, we do not recommend including links to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter from your school website.


Tips and Advice

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