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Study uncovers economic impact of natural disasters

11 December 2017

New research from Deakin Business School has revealed the impact of natural disasters on Australia's economy.

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Deakin and University of Coventry multiply ties

12 December 2017

A high-level delegation from the University of Coventry has visited Deakin to extend the partnership.

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Gender balance creates better boards, claims Deakin expert

11 October 2016

Accounting and Finance Professor Ferdinand Gul says research can play a key role in improving corporate board gender balance.

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Guiding culturally-aware design

6 December 2016

Deakin researchers and students are helping to develop the world's first international Indigenous design charter.

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Quickstep brings global R&D to Geelong

17 November 2017

In a time of major transition from low value to high value manufacturing in Geelong, Deakin University is playing a key role in facilitating the region's economic transition to a globally-recognised, high-productivity knowledge economy.

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Machines learn to pick up the cues

22 October 2014

A new data pattern recognition program is pinpointing people most at risk of suicide.

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Consumer research gains traction

14 July 2016

A new research centre in Deakin Business School is focussing on organisational health and consumer wellbeing.

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Quickstep brings global R&D to Geelong

10 August 2015

Deakin's 'carbon cluster' will gain a major boost with Quickstep's high tech centre.

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The economics of happiness

29 January 2016

A Deakin econometrician has found that a 'happiness gap' between couples can predict divorce.

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New product mimics the real thing

26 April 2016

The collaborative research partnership between Deakin University and HeiQ Australia has delivered its first commercial product to market.

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Harvest from the sea

29 November 2017

A Deakin PhD student is working with industry to investigate whether commercial aquaculture of seaweed in Port Phillip Bay is possible.

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Metro Tunnel to lead the way in nature-friendliness

4 December 2017

With the help of Deakin researchers and the concept of 'biophilia', Melbourne's five new Metro Tunnel stations will achieve a refreshing level of human-friendliness.

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Funding success for cardiovascular research

5 December 2017

Physical activity, public park design and monitoring the pricing of unhealthy food will all be explored in Deakin-led research projects awarded funding from the Heart Foundation.

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ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh to chair the 2016 Future of Middle East conference

21 October 2016

ADI's Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh says it's time for Australia to step up and play role of honest broker in the future of the Middle East.

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Public Health makes 'World 100' in Shanghai Rankings

19 July 2017

The subject of Public Health at Deakin University has been ranked in the top 100 in one of the world's most prestigious international ranking systems.

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New 'scientific method' to supercharge innovation

31 August 2017

An academic/industry collaboration has created an approach likely to lead to a 'step change' in developing new materials, with huge potential to boost innovation.

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Three new NHMRC projects aim to improve health outcomes

6 December 2017

Deakin research teams will advance projects that aim to reduce childhood allergies, improve cardiac rehabilitation and build patient health literacy.

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$30 million microgrid research platform announced at Deakin

7 December 2017

Over 23,000 solar panels are set to be installed on Deakin's Waurn Ponds campus, as part of a major commitment to meet the growing global need for research in innovative renewable energy systems.

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Australia-Indonesia partnership builds capacity in terrorism policy

12 December 2017

ADI is working with Indonesian public and civil society organisations to provide insight into policy responses to terrorism.

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Interested in PhD or Masters by Research opportunities in 2018?

5 September 2017

Come along to the Higher Degrees by Research Information Session at the Burwood or Waurn Ponds Campus organised by Deakin's Graduate Research Academy.

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