Welcome to a+b Chapter alumni

Greetings and welcome to all members of the a+b Alumni community.

The alumni chapter works closely with the School to build and maintain communication channels with our members. In doing so it recognises the importance and value of maintaining graduate links, building professional and industry networks and developing international and global relations.

The a+b Alumni consists of graduates, former students, former staff and valued friends of Deakin University Architecture and Built Environment including its antecedent institutions, namely The Gordon Institute. The a+b Alumni provides opportunity for the School to measure the value of our graduates in professional, academic and discipline related fields. It also provides a network of mentors and inspiration for undergraduates and postgraduates as well as newly inducted professionals into the field.

Deakin University Alumni Program

In October 2004, Deakin University established a central Alumni office responsible for the coordination of the Deakin University Alumni Program. All Deakin graduates are encouraged to participate as a member of this university-wide alumni community a+b Alumni is a Chapter of Deakin University Alumni listed under the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, and functions towards achieving an integrated effort to communicate university-wide alumni intentions. Please visit this page to register your membership.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish a thriving community offering fellowship and a network of resources to be nurtured and shared by our School and our alumni community. Graduates who in turn become part of our professional body are important and valuable sources of support, advice and collegiality and are able to provide feedback on contemporary course content. The resources that an alumni network can offer are invaluable and cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Its success depends on establishing, maintaining and building its membership. These are achieved through care, commitment and continuity at all levels within the School. It is a nurturing process - not unlike the nurturing of a seedling to maturity and to its capacity to in turn bear fruit for the next generation, suggesting that to ensure its fruition, it requires fertilisation, optimum conditions, care and commitment hence our mission for our alumni is

Planting the Seeds... for our future

They say that a seed is a message from the past and a promise for the future, so to this end, the School pledges its total commitment to the support of a+b Alumni.

Long live the spirit of the a+b Alumni.

Structure, Maintaining Continuity and Membership

With the School's commitment, a + b Alumni maintains its own database and endeavours to drive chapter activities that are of interest and benefit to our members. The Alumni itself receives no funding and relies on spirit, support and volunteering from members of the school community which include students, staff, graduates and Alumni practices. Many Alumni events or activities are integrated into the School's events program. The School hosts many annual events such as the a+b Exhibition, Design workshops, architectural and construction management exhibitions and both national and international workshops etc. Staff members Ms Susan Ang, (Architecture Alumnus 1980-1984) and Mrs Jenny Battye (staff member since February 1972) act as School alumni officers to provide the 'physical and personal presence' of the alumni. Our roles include support and promotion of the alumni, collating records and archives, and principally ensuring communication channels are 'open' and 'active' between the past staff and student community and the present School body. Although membership to the a+b Alumni is automatic and free upon graduation or upon departure from the school , all final year students and prospective graduates are nevertheless formally invited by the School Alumni team to join and to participate as an active member.

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