International: What it costs

Deakin International has an extensive breakdown of all costs associated with studying at Deakin. The costs outlined here are aligned with Deakin International. For more information refer to: Deakin International Fees and Refunds

These costs are presented on the basis of costs that are known and confronted by current students. They are indicative only and can still vary between individual students.

Please note that these costs are provided to you with the intention of providing a snapshot of what financial support you should consider having in place prior to coming to Deakin.

Coursework Needs

Architecture and construction management students can often spend anything between $500 AUD per year and upward on materials, modelling, printing, publishing and computer related consumables (paper, film, digital media, etc.). Competition is great to produce and present as high quality and as professional work as possible.

All first year students are expected to purchase necessary equipment and design studio materials as part of the coursework needs. These often include technical drawing equipment, drafting board, cutting mat, cutting knife, limestone blocks, model making tools, drawing paper or other ancillary equipment.

Student membership to professional bodies can provide immense benefit to your chosen career, and provide access to journals and other information. In some cases membership is free.

Opportunities to attend student workshops, guest lectures and industry related seminars targeted at student development and graduate opportunities, etc. are also available at extra cost.

These costs are not mandatory, yet it is recognised that the School is committed to providing every opportunity to international students to maximise their educational experience. Having available funds for these opportunities enables these opportunities to be realised.

For detailed information about the breakdown of expected base living costs, visit Deakin International Fees and Deakin International study abroad fees and refund

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