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International Students

The School welcomes students from every corner of the globe. School internationalisation strategies reflect the value of addressing worldwide issues through global partnerships in research, teaching and learning, equity and diversity, regular staff and student exchange and international curricula development and implementation. Our degrees include the offering of accelerated study options for students wherever practicable. The School is active in the area of cross institutional and international partnerships and exchange agreements facilitating continued international relations with professional and accreditation bodies.

International Students

The School's long association with educating international students (since 1974) places us in an excellent position to do this well. Out staff profile is now almost as diverse and our student body. Many have been international students ourselves in the past and we are both experienced and familiar with the specific needs and goals that international students come to us to achieve. We recognise that the time each individual student spends with us should be both challenging and rewarding. We expect that that each student not only takes away valuable experiences and friendships as well as new qualifications when you leave, but also has the satisfaction of having contributed something of yourself to us. In fact it is incumbent and necessary that you leave something of yourself behind. For this is how the School continues to grow its international character and personality. We are committed to providing every opportunity to every international student to maximise your learning experience so that is a successful one.


International StudentsThere are over 200 international students enrolled in our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in architecture and construction management. Exchange and study abroad students are a regular addition to our numbers from our global partner institutions. Since the establishment of Deakin School of Architecture and Built Environment, we have over 800 international student graduates who are now part of the School alumni community. Many international graduates are now highly successful professionals in practice, industry, and academia.

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