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Paid work outside of your coursework

Industry experience can help build your confidence whilst you are a student and provide you with an advantage when you apply for a job upon graduation. Other work can provide you with extra money, help you gain workplace skills in an Australian environment, and also provide a different and socially enjoyable experience away from your studies.

Taking on board the extra commitment of a part-time or casual job during your course becomes a worthwhile investment in your career particularly if the work is relevant to your chosen discipline, however, this cannot be considered sufficient as a supplement for your financial commitment, and personal time management becomes critically important. Depending on your workload, many students find working one or two days a week during semester is manageable without risking too much time away from academic commitments. During semester and end of year breaks, more time is available for work, however this is also the time when all students are keen to work and opportunities become limited.

Work experience relevant to your course work

There is no doubt that building organisations and professional practices value a prospective recruit or potential employee with relevant work experience. There are a number of units available that offer work integrated learning (WIL) and internship opportunities, both in architecture as well as construction management. Many international students have undertaken practical placement work placement and been successful in gaining credit points towards their course as well as gained cultural insight into Australian practice. The opportunity for international students to undertake practical work experience in their home countries and gain credit is also possible. In some courses industry experience is a requirement of graduation.

The School is active in passing on work opportunities that become available to our students and graduates via School notice/bulletin boards and professional contacts. Many practices prefer to employ Deakin students and graduates. Our double degree graduates are highly sought after within the Australian construction industry.

Further Information

For further information on suitable employment opportunities for students and preparation for career transition, visit the following website:

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