New approaches to culture, architecture and ecology

Editor: Mirjana Lozanovska
Paperback, 124 pp, $38.50

Cultural EcologyThe papers presented in Cultural Ecology - new approaches to culture, architecture and ecology, have been selected from papers presented at the Cultural Ecology Symposium held in October, 2012, at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, Deakin University. The symposium was planned with a focus on
discussion, and the participants responded generously and rigorously. The stimulating comments of Professor Darko Radovic (Keio University) a respondent and the key-note speaker Professor Marwan Ghandour (Iowa State University), made the discussions lively and engaging, and at times challenging. Authors were then asked to take into account these comments and the comments of referees in the revision of their papers for this publication.

The idea of Cultural Ecology is intended to capture a diverse range of research areas, approaches and methods in relation to architecture, urbanism, landscape and other environments that primarily address the interweaving between these disciplines and the less tangible fields of culture. By 'culture' we are referring to the fields related to human inhabitation, ritual, meaning, and the histories and traces of human civilization.

The papers in this publication consider the richness and complexity of the theme Cultural Ecology. They put together the concepts of culture and ecology, and a link is formed as a point of discussion, culture is re-linked to ecology, revising and retracing some of its past associations.

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CE Symposium programme

Culture and ecology interface

The evolution of American midwestern landscape
Marwan Ghandour
From estrangement to a sense of place
Ursula M de Jong
The Gaze of the Wild: The Aboriginal presence in Lanka's Sandesa Kavyas
Anoma Pierfs
Mapping Country: Creative research through making and marking possum skins
Janet McGaw
Sense of place in urban natural landscapes
Nasim Yazdani, Mirjana Lozanovska

Tangible and intangible operations and cultural inscriptions in space

Cultural Ecology of Urban Violence: Spatial transformation of the Besieged Sarajevo (1992-1996)
Mirjana Ristic
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: An architectural consignation
Kim Roberts
The mutual cultivation of subject and object in architecture
Mirjana Lozanovska
Habitus, capital, kitsch and the migrant house
Iris Levin

Remaking habitat through artistic creativity

An introduction to ecological design for the performing arts
Tanja Beer
The sense and non-sense of Rudolf Steiner's architecture
Fiona Gray
Left-wing melancholies
Gavin Keeney
Urban decision making & young citizens shaping place
Angelique Edmonds
Fictional Inquiry: An alternative process to inspire creativity in children's co-design projects
Lei lei Xu, Alastair, Qin Wen Wong

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