Building Environment

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The Building Environment theme focuses on energy, indoor environmental performance, occupant comfort, passive design and climate change.

Key research areas

  • BUILDING SIMULATION - energy, thermal comfort, lighting, acoustics, computational fluid dynamics
  • THERMAL PERFORMANCE OF OUTDOOR SPACES - urban heat island, effect of built form, materials and vegetation
  • OCCUPANT BEHAVIOUR IN BUILDINGS - physiology, psychology, behaviour and interaction on an individual and company level, occupants as the link between building design and performance
  • QUALITATIVE ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABILITY IN ARCHITECTURE - the balance between quality and quantity,  Integral Theory, sustainability evaluation
  • CLIMATE AND CLIMATE CHANGE - climate analysis, climate extremes, adaptation and mitigation
  • THERMAL VISUAL AND ACOUSTIC COMFORT - adaptive thermal comfort, daylighting, occupant perspectives
  • ENERGY BENCHMARKING AND LABELLING - residential buildings, offices, school buildings, healthcare buildings and aquatic centres


Group coordinator

Dr Priya Rajagopalan
Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: + 61 3 522 78391


Associated staff

Dr Priya Rajagopalan
A Prof Mark Luther
Dr Astrid Roetzel
Dr Robert Fuller



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