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The Built Environment Education theme is one of the most successful areas for research within the school over the last 10 years has been the discipline-based investigation of learning and teaching in the built environment subject communities of Architecture, Construction Management, Landscape and Urban Planning. Researchers in the school have been leaders and investigators of Category 1 grant funded projects approaching a total value of nearly $1 million. Visit the Teaching Teamwork in Design website for more information.

Primary aims

  • To support academics in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their teaching
  • To facilitate the identification, analysis and dissemination of information on good educational practices
  • To stimulate and facilitate communication on innovative teaching
  • Provide opportunities for staff development
  • Advance discipline-based research on learning and teaching
  • Promote stronger links between research, scholarship, teaching and practice


The focus of the group is research carried out with rigor: empirical studies, quantitative or qualitative, investigating substantive data, and applying, examining, and extending methodology derived from educational research and research in other social science disciplines. Such studies aim to provide scholarly insights through methodological rigor and relevant and important results.


The group aims to promote stronger links between academia and practice and to expand the international community of educators in the built environment. As a means for disseminating pedagogic knowledge throughout the community of educators, BEER thereby aims to provide a stronger intellectual basis for practice.


Two of the school’s academics have been awarded Carrick Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and one has received the highest level of teaching award in Australia - an ALTC (OLT) Teaching Excellence Award.

Group coordinator

A Prof Richard Tucker
Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: + 61 3 522 78308
Email: richard.tucker@deakin.edu.au

Associated staff

A Prof Richard Tucker

Prof David Jones

Prof Anthony Mills

Jeremy Ham

Susan Ang





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