SocioCultural Ecology

The SocioCultural Ecology theme focuses on the study of the fields, processes and codes of assigning meaning and value to the built environments. It involves the histories of environments and how these are transformed and negotiated through theoretical and applied practices.

Key research areas

  • meaning and value of the built environment, how this is produced and by whom
  • histories of architecture and urbanism
  • international collaborative practices, globalisation, management of parties
  • power and negotiation of the built environment and its impact on people’s lives
  • social, cultural and intellectual capital

Group coordinator

Dr Mirjana Lozanovska
Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: + 61 3 522 78332


Associated staff

Dr David Beynon

Dr Ursula deJong

Dr Mirjana Lozanovska

Associate Professor Richard Tucker

Dr John Rollo

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