Open Day

You can find out all about Engineering degrees at Deakin by coming along to our Open Days in Geelong and Melbourne, held around August each year. Campus maps are provided on the day.

The dates can be found at

Most people don't realise that an engineer can work just about anywhere, on just about anything. You might work in a design team. Managing a manufacturing plant. Helping government departments make decisions. Taking charge of overseas aid projects. Even in space. With engineering, the sky's the limit. There is also a critical shortage of engineering graduates at the moment, and skills shortages mean graduates are in high demand and can command great salaries.

At Open Day you can come along and learn more about the career options in engineering and about our courses that can help you get there.

Engineering can be difficult to define because it is so diverse and found in so many aspects of our daily lives. But engineering is a critical career path that make a difference to our society, and our courses help you develop great skills like problem solving and critical thinking, as well as many technical skills that will help you get a well-paid job. If you like science fiction, experimenting with or designing things, or even if you wonder why things work the way they do, chance are, engineering might interest you.

On Open Day course information and advice is available all day. Come and talk to real-live engineering students and qualified professionals and find out first-hand what kind of future you could have!

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