Gold prize for research into making coloured concrete

Deakin School of Engineering PhD candidate Buthainah Al-Kharabsheh was presented with the Gold Prize at the Korea International Women's Invention Exposition (KIWIE) 2012 held in Seoul in May.

Buthainah received the award in recognition of her research and work into producing coloured concrete through the use of local, raw (earth) materials.

In addition to the Gold Prize, Buthainah also received a Special Prize from the World Women Inventors Entrepreneurs Association (WWIEA), as well as recognition from the Association ‘Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation' and the State Office of Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia.

Buthainah was invited to participate in the exposition, which she attended independently, and said she was the only representative from Australia and Jordan. She said she was delighted, personally and professionally, with the outcome. Attending the exposition with Buthainah was her husband, Hasan Alqawasmeh, also from Deakin's School of Engineering.

‘I am thrilled by my success and it is a dream come true for my hard research work,' Buthainah said.

After beginning her work in this field seven years ago in her home country of Jordan, Buthainah chose to come to Deakin in October last year after receiving offers from a number of other universities internationally. She said she enjoyed engineering because it is 'realistic work, you can see what you do'.

Buthainah said the main features of her invention that were highlighted at the exposition were that it is an environmental friendly improvement idea for the usage of concrete, that no waste material is left after production, the low cost of the material to be mixed with the concrete mix design, and the improvement of some engineering properties of the concrete.

She said many of the inventions at the exposition were related to IT, medicine and modern technology, but her contribution in a field such as engineering was highly appreciated by the different committees at the event.

Buthainah thanked her supervisor at Deakin, Dr Riyadh Al-Ameri, for his encouragement and moral support to attend the event.

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