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Deakin University and Prior Snow, a Canadian ski and snowboard company, are working together to develop more environmentally friendly high performance skis and boards.

Ms Hollie Acres, a Deakin Engineering final year student has been spending her “summer” break and the first part of the academic year in Whistler, British Colombia, working with Prior.

Prior’s facilities are based in the foot hills of the famous Whistler Resort. The company is a small custom manufacturer of high performance equipment.

The goal of Hollie’s final year research project that will cover two continents, and 12 month's work, is to look at more environmentally friendly resins and fibres and how they perform in sub zero temperatures.

Board stiffness is a key aspect of the project and that is the benchmark against which her project will be tested.

Hollie is being supervised by Will Westwood from Prior Snow and Dr Paul Collins from Deakin Engineering.

“We’re all very excited here at Prior to have the opportunity to work with Hollie and Deakin to strive towards our constant goal of making great rides with less impact on the environment we all love to play in,” said Will Westwood.

Dr Collins said the project fits well with research interests of Deakin Engineering.

"Not only is Hollie looking at composites, but also design, advanced manufacturing, sports technology and sustainability," he said.

The project also allows Hollie to bring together her two passions, engineering and snowboard, as she helps Prior re-define its products.

Prior Snow joins a list of other companies like Baum Cycles and Quiksilver that are all looking at high performance equipment and advanced manufacturing in partnership with Deakin Engineering.

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