Boardshorts under the microscope during Deakin Week

Dr Paul Collins, School of Engineering, gave guests an insight into Deakin’s leading research in the field of sports technology at an event during Deakin Week.

The ‘Boardshorts under the microscope: The rise of sports technology’ session was held at BioLab, The Victorian BioScience Education Centre at Belmont High School in Geelong.

Dr Collins, team leader for sports technology at Deakin and project manager for the Deakin Quiksilver Research and Development partnership, spoke about the rise of sports technology, the advancements manufacturers of clothing and equipment are making, and the work underway between Deakin and a range of research partners in developing the next level of performance equipment.

‘Hosting the event at BioLAB was a great example of how primary, secondary and tertiary educators can work together to get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and show that these areas aren’t boring or mundane,’ Dr Collins says.

Guests also had the opportunity to see inside BioLAB’s state of the art facilities. One of six specialist science and maths centres in Victoria, BioLAB programs showcase bioscience research and careers, including focus areas such as medical, sport, and health sciences, biotechnology, materials technology and biomechanics. Through a variety of innovative programs, technologies and techniques, BioLAB aims to inspire and engage the next generation.

Deakin is introducing its new Bachelor of Engineering Science with majors in sports technology and medical technology in 2013.

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