Biological Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

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BioMEMS is a research group within the School of Engineering at Deakin University that spans several disciplines including electronics, mechanics, biology, chemistry, medical, and materials.
The mission of BioMEMS is to foster an environment of collaborative scientific excellence where research will lead to discoveries involving:

  • Comprehension of micro-electro-mechanical systems that could interface with and operate within biological organisms.
  • Development of microsystems using micro/nano fabrication technologies for a variety of biotechnological applications.

Academic and Research Staff

A/Prof Abbas Kouzani
Dr Akif Kaynak
Prof Wei Duan
Dr Jane Dai
A/Prof Jagat Kanwar
Dr Susannah Tye
Mr Edin Bektasevic


  • A/Prof Eric Hu, School of Mechanical Engineering, Adelaide University
  • Dr Wojtek Michalski, Australian Animal Health Laboratory, CSIRO
  • Prof Levent Toppare, Electrochemical Polymerization Laboratory, Middle East Technical University
  • Dr Brett Sexton, Materials Science and Engineering, CSIRO
  • Dr Mehmet Yuce, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Sassan Asgari, School of Integrative Biology, The University of Queensland
  • A/Prof Khalil Mafinejad, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ferdowsi University


  • Medical/biological devices
  • Microfluidic lab-on-a-chips
  • Sensor/wireless devices
  • Energy/actuator systems
  • Embedded control and processing
  • Multiphysics modelling and analysis


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