Smart Structures

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The design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering infrastructure is a major challenge for Australia's future. The Smart Structures research group at Deakin addresses these issues with multi-disciplinary research across the School of Engineering, the School of Architecture and Building and the Institute for Frontier Materials. The group works closely with industry using the latest in design, simulation tools, materials, manufacturing processes and monitoring technology. Specific research themes include:

Structural rehabilitation

The use of carbon fibre composites in civil infrastructure has become increasingly popular due to exceptional mechanical properties and durability. At Deakin, research is focused on developing and facilitating advanced applications of these materials to concrete and steel structures and to produce guidelines for efficient use.

Damage identification
The integrity of civil infrastructure is degraded by the effects of environmental conditions and structural loading. Insufficient monitoring of this degradation can lead to significant replacement costs and loss of life. Research in this area is directed at the identification and assessment of damage in civil infrastructure.

Structural Stability
Stability analysis is a key research theme that is concerned with safety assessments for infrastructures, including foundations, slopes and retaining structures.

Key contacts

Dr. Riyadh Al-Ameri
Dr. Ying Wang
Dr. An-Jui Li

Facilities and Capabilities

  • Mechanical testing laboratory, including specialised frames for testing large beams and columns
  • Vibration testing system, including impact hammer and accelerometers
  • Concrete laboratory
  • Numerical simulation software, including ANSYS, MATLAB and ABAQUS

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