Integrated Water Management

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Combating to reserve and to sustain freshwater for future generations is already under way around the globe. This combat could only be successful if a holistic approach is taken considering “Integrated Water Management” (IWM). The IWM will comprise of the following:

Catchment Management for Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities
Better Catchment Management will involve application of cleaner production in all types of industries and implementation of efficient urban storm water management. Socio-economics, public health and managing community perceptions as well as impact on aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity will also be incorporated in this research theme.

Sustainable Industrial and Urban Water Management
Sustainable industrial and urban water management will conduct research on water and wastewater treatment in order to provide smart water management in domestic and industrial uses. Water treatment will involve improve the understanding and analysis of water quality and developing advanced water treatment technologies. Wastewater treatment and reuse will also depend on the innovation of novel treatment technologies and the planning of efficient use of treated wastewater. Research on sustainable water management in primary industries will also be included in this theme. Research on sustainable soils and groundwater (nutrients, solute transport and aquifer recharge), water re-use, delivery, irrigation and drainage, precision agriculture and technologies for food innovation will be carried out in collaboration with primary industries.

Resource Recovery
So far, the by-products of treatment technologies are considered waste streams. However, those streams have wealth of resources which should also be recovered in order to maintain the quality of receiving streams. For example, biosolids as well as concentrate from membrane processes will be targeted for resource recovery.

Key contacts

Prof. Bas Baskaran
A/Prof Jega Jegatheesan
Dr. Li Shu

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