Work Integrated Learning

Enhance your career prospects with real world experience while gaining credit to your Deakin degree.

The Science, Engineering and Built Environment Work Integrated Learning Program (WIL) enables you to incorporate an industry work placement for credit towards your degree.

Industry placements play a valuable role in preparing you for graduate employment and increase your employability.

Program overview

There are two types of WIL placements, Industry based learning (IBL) or an Internship

The program helps to:

  • bridge the gap between the theory and practice in your discipline
  • apply and consolidate knowledge gained in your course
  • gain discipline specific industry exposure
  • help develop good work practices
  • experience work place culture
  • explore career options relevant to your discipline
  • help develop a professional network

WIL placements are offered as Faculty level elective units and are credited to your degree. Students must enrol in and satisfactorily complete the 0 credit point unit, STP010/710 Introduction to Work Placements, to be eligible to enrol in a WIL program Internship unit or WIL program IBL unit. Both IBL and internship units attract normal university fees.

information for students

Am I eligible? How do I take part in the program?

To check eligibility to take part in the WIL program, and express your interest:

Student resources

If you are thinking to or are taking part in the program, we have put together important placement information as well as information on finding placements

Participation in Real World: Preparing You For Your Placement

Participation in "Real World: Preparing You For Your Placement" workshops is compulsory to all students who have been offered a WIL placement.

You will undertake a series of online and face-to-face workshops designed to improve their professional capacity during placement and to increase their employability skills before, during and after the placement opportunity. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to WIL Placements
  • Critical Thinking: Emotional Intelligence as  part of your Reflective Practice
  • Digital Literacy
  • Global Citizenship - Cultural Diversity
  • Self Management: Planning and Organising
  • Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Team Work
  • Self Management: Initiative & Performance Management

If you have any queries regarding these workshops, please contact

Information for employers

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment Work Integrated Learning Program (WIL) aims to give students an opportunity to experience working in an environment offering similar characteristics to that of future employment and careers.

As an organisation, you have the ability to offer and accept a placement for students to assist with their learning and preparation for future employment

WIL placements are an excellent and rewarding experience opportunity for your organisation.

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For more information regarding the WIL Program, please contact:

Program Manager (Work Integrated Learning)

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