School Mission Statement

School of Information Technology is a relevant, innovative and responsive place to create, advance, transmit, and apply information technology knowledge as an enabling technology to make things happen.

Our goal is to build a School that students want to come; that staff want to work with; and that is one of the best in Australia in teaching and research.

Information technology is an enabling technology and is one of the driving forces for the progress of the economy and society; but information technology alone will not go far enough. The future of information technology is to combine with various disciplines to produce “killer applications” that will improve the performance of these disciplines and at the meantime, to open new doors for new demand and requirements for information technology research and development.

With disciplines in Software, Security, Games, and Mobile and Apps, the School of Information Technology at Deakin University provides a distinctive cross-disciplinary basis to explore the synergies across these disciplines, which enables it to deliver innovative teaching and research programmes of high quality and relevance.

Strong links with industry and professional associations, coupled with curricula that nurture creative thinking and problem solving, helps to prepare the School’s graduates for productive careers in rapidly evolving areas of Information Technology.

The School’s commitment to continuing and life-long learning, and equity and access issues, is served by a focus on flexibility, responsiveness and a culture of continuous innovation. The School also strives to serve the needs of rural and regional Australia by creating and transferring knowledge through its research and teaching programmes.

In all of these ways, the School of Information Technology fulfils its vision to benefit society by training tomorrow’s technology leaders and contributing to the enabling technology for the progress of the economy and society.




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