25th Annual Maths Contest for Year 10 Students

The Results are in!

The School of Information Technology recently hosted the 25th Annual Maths Contest, in which 185 Year 10 students from 23 secondary schools across Geelong and Western Victoria demonstrated a high level of mathematical expertise.

Held on Friday, 30 August 2013, the event was an exciting day of challenging competition for individuals and teams, testing their mathematical skills in novel ways. It was also a great opportunity for members of different schools to exchange ideas on learning and teaching mathematics, and for students to find out the variety of careers available from studying maths at tertiary level.

Results for the day:

  • Overall - Teams - Congratulations to Ballarat and Clarendon College Team 2.
  • Overall - Individual Students - Congratulations to Chris Darveniza from Ballarat and Clarendon College Team 2.
  • Round Table – Each team works collectively on 10 challenging problems.
  • Snap Quiz – Teams compete in pairs for four rounds of 20 verbal questions. Points are awarded to individuals as well as the teams.
  • Solo Time – 10 questions are tackled individually with a set time for each question.
  • Maths Relay – Divided into two pairs and a runner, each team tries to crack 20 questions in 50 minutes with consecutive questions going to alternate pairs.

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