Research for Information Technology

Research Mission

Our mission is to benefit society by generating new fundamental knowledge in Information Technology, training tomorrow's technology leaders, and assisting industry to advance their technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Research Directions

We are achieving this mission by conducting high quality research and research training in the following areas, that are prompted by and address fundamental challenges that arise in the IT context:

Network Security, Distributed Systems and Clouds
The data needs to be communicated through networks, stored coherently on diverse hosts, and accessed from everywhere.

Information Security and Forensics
While the potential for using this data for good is enormous, it is also possible that, in the wrong hands, it can be used to harm society. Thus, we need methods of ensuring the security and integrity of the data and we need to be able to detect attacks on it and trace the perpetrators.

Signal Processing, Computational Intelligence and Pattern Analysis
Big volumes of data need to be processed autonomously by software, interesting patterns identified, and generated knowledge made easily available to authorised users.

Research Laboratories

Security and Computing
Securing Cyberspace Service and
Information Processing and Computational Intelligence Information Technology for

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Research Outputs

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