Higher Degree by Research (HDR)

Students interested in studying for a Higher Degree by Research please visit Deakin Research or contact one of the following for further information:

A/Prof Yong Xiang
Associate Head of School (Research)


Dr Michael Hobbs
HDR Coordinator



Dr Gang Li
HDR Coordinator


Current HDR Students

PhD Thesis Title
Isredza Rahmi A Hamid Prof Jemal Abawajy Phishing Detection and Traceback Mechanism
Izzatdin Abdul Aziz Prof Andrzej Goscinscki Framework for seismic data processing using high performance computers
Masitah Ahmad Prof Jemal Abawajy Service Level Agreements framework for Libraries
Mahbub Ahmed A/Prof Yang Xiang Security in cloud computing
Ammar Al Azab Dr Michael Hobbs Prevention and Detection of the Malware
Fahed Matar Al Neyadi Prof Jemal Abawajy Securely sharing dynamic medical information in e-Health
Majeed Alajeely Dr Robin Doss Wireless sensor network
Moutaz Alazab Prof Lynn Batten Intrusion Detection Targeting Mobile Devices
Maslina Aziz Dr Morshed Chowdhury Enterprise Systems Engineering
Robert Barry Dr Michael Hobbs Vicarious Existentialsim through an Avatar: Variations, Correlations and Implications
Alessio Bonti Prof Wanlei Zhou Network coding for information flow
Gregory Bowtell Dr Michael Hobbs Game industry and game education: Relationships and the ideal curriculum
Silvio Cesare A/Prof Yang Xiang Software Similarity and Classification
Chao Chen A/Prof Yang Xiang Statistical Feature Based Real-Time Internet Traffic Classification
Xiao Chen A/Prof Yang Xiang Network traffic classification using Machine Learning approach
Philip Church Prof Andrzej Goscinscki A global analysis method for comparative analysis of mammalian species
Amra Copcic Dr Michael Hobbs Effects of Perma-Death on Game-Play and User Experience
Jahangir Dewan Dr Morshed Chowdhury A framework for document security, protection and authentication
Suzan Said Metwally Elbadry A/Prof Yong Xiang Develop an Invariance Model for Spectral Image Watermarking
Mr Ashley Fox Dr Morshed Chowdhury Malware detection for mobile platforms
Longxiang Gao Prof Wanlei Zhou Routing and Security in Opportunistic Network
Anita Hamilton A/Prof Jo Coldwell-Neilson The Role of Online Technology in the Knowledge Management Cycel
Peter Huf Dr John Carminati Algebraic computing and tensors in general relativity
Sohail Iqbal Malik Dr Morshed Chowdhury Role of ADRI model in teaching and assessing novice programmers.
Davood Izadi Prof Jemal Abawajy Sensor networks for surveillance and monitoring applications
Grace Jefferson Dr John Carminati Use of symbolic computing for determining symmetries of differential equations
Yongqing Jiang Prof Wanlei Zhou Computational Approaches of Protein Function Prediction Using Reliable High-througput Data
Sarah Keble-Johnston Dr Honghua Dai A combined approach for casual structure learning
Owen Makin Dr Shaun Bangay Strategy recognition to quantify balance in real-time multi-player strategy games
Zulkefli Mohd Yusof Dr Michael Hobbs Digital library information security and privacy risks in cloud computing
Veelasha Moonsamy Prof Lynn Batten Securing permission systems on Android-based smart devices
Mohd Izuan Hafez Ninggal Prof Jemal Abawajy Privacy-preserving Data Publishing for Social Network
Michael Pfeiffer Dr Michael Hobbs Transparency in the Cloud
Biplob Ray Dr Morshed Chowdhury Protocol for Securing (Privacy, Confidentiality and Integrity) Dta of RFID Tag and Users
Yongli Ren Prof Wanlei Zhou Intelligent techniques for recommender system   
Faizal Riaz-ud-Din Prof Wanlei Zhou Security in Clouds
Ashish Saini Prof Wanlei Zhou A new innovative approach for cancer classification by computational analysis
Kalpana Singh Prof Lynn Batten Security and Privacy of Online Data
Saravanan Sundaresan Dr Robin Doss Secure Ownership Transfer Protocols for RFID EPC C1G2 Tags
Warnakulasuriya Menik Randi Tissera Dr Robin Doss Information discovery for wireless sensor networks
Benjamin Townsend Prof Jemal Abaway Communication for a bio-monitoring system featuring data security, remote telemetry and carrier agnostic data transmission
Kongalage Nishchitha Indivarie Ubhayaratne A/Prof Yong Xiang Effective and Efficient Signal Extraction Techniques for Wireless Condition Monitoring
Huy Quan Vu Dr Gang Li Automatic multimedia signal analysis using novel machine learning technique
Yu Wang Dr Yang Xiang Automatic network traffic classification and its applications in network security
Sheng Wen Prof Wanlei Zhou Modern Worms' Propagation: Modelling and Analysis
Tianqing Zhu Prof Wanlei Zhou Data anonymity cluster algorithms for Privacy Preserving
Tianru Zong A/Prof Yong Xiang Robust Digital Image Watermarking

Recently Graduated

Raha Al-Jaljouli Prof Jemal Abawajy Security Negotiation Protocol for Multi-Agents
Michael Brock Prof Andrzej Goscinscki Enhancing clouds, internet-scale distributed systems, using attributed web services 
Soon-Keow Chong Prof Jemal Abawajy Mechanisms for establishing trustworthiness
Harinda Fernando Prof Jemal Abawajy Enhancing the performance and security of low cost networked RFID applications
Min Gan Dr Honghua Dai A reliable approach to efficiently mine patterns from graphical data
Shivali Goel Bansal Prof Jemal Abawajy Development of new coding and processing techniques for wireless systems
Bai Li Prof Lynn Batten Recovery mechanism on sensor networks
Ping Li Prof Wanlei Zhou Detection of stepping stone attack
Simon James Prof Gleb Beliakov The use of aggregation functions in decision making
Ferial Khaddage Prof Wanlei Zhou Image Indexing for Learning Content in a Mobile Learning Environment
Hairulnizam Bin Mahdin Prof Jemal Abawajy Data management problems in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee Prof Jemal Abawajy Distributed Content Adaption Technique
Nicholas Patterson Dr Michael Hobbs Detecting virtual property thieves in virtual world environments
Dharani Priyahansika Perera Dr Michael Hobbs Voice Art: Exploring Assistive Technologies for Artists with Disabilities
Jia Rong Prof Andrzej Goscinski Advanced data mining methods for complex data
Theerasak Thapngam Prof Wanlei Zhou Sources estimation for DDos Attacks
Ronhua Tian Prof Lynn Batten Computer Malware Analysis and Classification
Yini Wang Prof Wanlei Zhou Secure clock synchronisation in wried and wireless networks

Updated: 27 March 2013

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