Parallel and Distributed Computing


Parallel and Distributed Computing (PARADISE) is a research priority area within the School of Information Technology at Deakin University. The mission of the PARADISE Lab is to undertake innovative research that creates new knowledge and adds to existing knowledge through a complementary mix of theoretical and applied experimental research.

Our research spans a broad range of topics in networked computing and system security, including resource management and scheduling, modelling and analysis, system reliability, web services, pattern recognition, information security management, dynamic data classification and sharing, green computing, multi-agent systems, collaborative computing, and health informatics.

Lab Co-ordinators

Prof Jemal Abawajy
(Expertise: blind signal/system estimation, digital watermarking, sensor networks, statistical signal processing, compressed sensing, time-frequency analysis, and data classification and clustering.)

Lab members

Dr Emilia Bellucci
Ms Thao Pham
Dr Morshed Chowdhury
Dr Shang Gao
Dr Shivali Goal
Dr Damien Hutchinson
Mr Mofakharul Islam
Dr Andrei Kelarev
Dr Hamid Khayyam
Dr Lei Pan
Dr Atul Sajjanhar
Mr Jason Wells
Prof Matthew Warren
Prof Rajkumar Buyya, University of Melbourne
Dr Rafiq Islam, Charles Sturt University
Dr Bahman Javadi, University of Western Sydney
A/Prof Paul Watters, University of Ballarat

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Major research themes

Energy efficient distributed computing

Trusted cloud computing

Failure-aware hybrid cloud resource provisioning

Secure and reliable networked RFID system

Security and privacy for online social networks

Malware detection and prevention

Accurate and early detection of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy

Online dispute resolution for e-Health record disputes

QoS-aware dynamic data management

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