Marine, Freshwater and Aquaculture Sciences

Marine and Freshwater Science

Understanding and managing the threats facing Australia's marine and freshwater ecosystems requires multidisciplinary research on the biophysical nature of freshwater catchments and coastal marine environments and their estuarine connections, and sustainable use of aquatic resources. Deakin University's marine and Freshwater Sciences research group focuses on the ecology and management coastal marine and estuarine ecosystems, cutting edge technologies for mapping marine habitats, the effects of a drying climate on ecological function and biodiversity in rivers and streams, river restoration, the ecology and management of marine wildlife, population genetics of marine invertebrates and sustainable aquaculture.

Group coordinator

Assoc Prof Giovanni Turchini
Warrnambool Campus
Phone: +61 3 556 33312

Key research areas

  • Biophysical responses of coastal marine and estuarine ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic environmental change, including indicators of ecological condition
  • Effects of a drying climate on ecological function and biodiversity in rivers and wetlands, the ecological effects of river restoration and the role of refuges for conserving freshwater biodiversity
  • Mapping of Victoria's underwater marine habitats and predictive modelling of animal and plant distributions
  • Sustainable aquaculture production, especially fish reproduction, fish nutrition and omega-3 fatty acid metabolism
  • Ecology of marine mammals and seabirds, their role in marine and island ecosystems and the responses of their populations to environmental change

Academic and research staff

Affiliated/honorary staff

Assoc Prof John Sherwood
Prof Sena Desilva
Prof Peter Alfred Tyler

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