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Fitzgerald, G.*, Fitzgerald, N., and Davidson, C. (2007). Public attitudes towards invasive animals and their impacts. Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra.

Fitzgibbon, S.I., and Jones, D.N.* (2006). A community-based wildlife survey: the knowledge and attitudes of residents of suburban Brisbane, with a focus on bandicoots. Wildlife Research 33, 233-241.

Miller, K.K.*, and Jones, D.N.* (2006). Gender differences in the perceptions of wildlife management objectives and priorities in Australasia. Wildlife Research 33, 155-159.

Nimmo, D.*, and Miller, K.* (2007). Ecological and human dimensions of feral horse management in Australia: a review. Wildlife Research 34, 408-417.

Whiting, A.E.*, and Miller, K.K.* (2008). Examining the Living with Possums policy in Victoria, Australia: community knowledge, support and compliance. Pacific Conservation Biology 14, 169-176.

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