Warnambool Seminar Series 2012 - Trimester 1

Date Time Venue Presenter Seminar Topic
5 March     Staff Meeting  
12 March 1 - 2 B303 Alecia Bellgrove
Senior Lecturer
LES, W'bool
The roles of intertidal fucoids in facilitating biodiversity and their vulnerability in a changing marine climate
19 March 1 - 3 B303 LES Honours Students Project presentations by commencing honours students Part 1
26 March 1 - 2 B303 Yuki Tsuchikane
Postdoctoral Fellow Japan Women's University, Tokyo
Analysis of reproductive isolation by sex pheromones in a unicellular charophycean alga, closterium
Friday 30 March 12-1 B303 Prof Daniel Schlenk
University of California, Riverside
Use of Bioassays to Identify Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Aquatic Ecosystems
2 April     Staff meeting  
9 April     Easter  
16 April 1 - 2 B303 & ka4.207

Dr Rebecca Lester
LES, W'bool

When is a disturbance not a disturbance?
23 April 1 - 2 B303 & ka4.207 Dr Luis Afonso
Senior Lecturer
LES, W'bool
biology of Kudoa thyrsites: a myxozoa parasite causing poer-harvest myoliquefaction in farmed Atlantic salmon
30 April 1 - 2:30 B303 & ka4.207 Temperate Marine Ecology Students Students will present results of pre-trimester research projects
7 May     Staff Meeting
14 May 1 - 2 B303 & ka4.207 Tim Dempster
Senior Lecturer
University of Melbourne
Farming replacing hunting in the sea: detecting consequences and creating solutions
21 May 1 - 2 B303 & ka4.207 Karen Hermon
PhD Student
LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
The impacts and sustainability of irrigating vineyards in Great Western, Victoria with recycled municipal effluent
28 May 1 - 2 B303 & ka4.207 Maria Garcia Rojas
PhD Student
LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
Using sea ice characteristics to identify minke whale habitat in Antarctic sea ice

* Any changes to the Trimester 1 program will be advertised as soon as possible.
Alecia Bellgrove, Ph. 33099 alecia@deakin.edu.au


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