Warnambool Seminar Series 2012 - Trimester 2

Date Time Venue Presenter Seminar Topic
11 July 1 - 2 J201 Pete Gill
Blue Whale Study Inc & Visiting fellow, LES, W'bool
Blue whale habitat selection and within-season distribution in the Bonney Upwelling and adjacent waters
18 July 1 - 2 J201 Tom Bird
PhD student
University of Melbourne
A hierarchical, spatially explicit recapture model incorporating radio telemetry and passive tagging
25 July 1 - 2 J201 Khalidah Hamid
PhD student
Appetite regulation control in rainbow trout (O. mykiss) and hopping mouse (N.alexis)
1 Aug 1 - 2 J201 Staff meeting  
8 Aug     Jac Monk
PhD student
CIE & LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
Understanding fish-habitat associations using video observations and sonar imaging
15 Aug 1 - 2 J201 Shyamalie Senadheera
PhD student
LES, W'bool
Dietary a-linolenic acid (ALA)/linoleic
acid(LA) ratio in Murray cod
22 Aug 1 - 2 J201 Karen Hermon
PhD student
LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
The impacts and sustainability of irrigating vineyards in Great Western, Victoria with recycled municipal effluent.
29 Aug 1 - 2 J201 Kade Mills
MAFFRI, DPI & Deakin
Evaluation of recreational fishing reefs for enhancing fishing opportunities in Port Phillip Bay - comparison of monitoring data and boat ramp surveys
5 Sept     Staff meeting  
12 Sept 1 - 2 J201 Jess McKenzie
PhD student
ESRG & LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
Coastal responses to estuarine outflow from intermittently open systems
19 Sept 1 - 2 J201 Andrew Levings
Visiting fellow, LES, W'bool
Seasonal Winds Drive Water Temperature Cycle and Migration Patterns of Southern Australian Giant Crab Pseudocarcinus gigas
26 Sept 1 - 2 J201 Agnes Lautenschlager
PhD student
LES, W'bool
Final PhD Seminar
Feeding ecology of benthic invertebrates in an intermittently open estuary
3 Oct 1 - 2 J201 Staff meeting  
10 Oct 1 - 2 J201 Stuart Linton
LES, Geelong
Digestion of leaf litter by land crabs

* Any changes to the Trimester 2 program will be advertised as soon as possible.
Alecia Bellgrove, Ph. 33099 alecia@deakin.edu.au


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