Student profiles


Shaelee Peel

'The most rewarding thing about my course would, without a doubt, be the placement I was able to complete with the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department.'

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Stewart Alexander Carmichael

‘I’ve always had an interest in the body and disease and biomedical science is an interesting way to explore how that works from a few angles’

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Jack Hennessy

'The flexible study options and the ability to choose units from a wide range of areas really appealed to me; I wanted to do units that would complement my degree.'

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Jaimie Mcglashan

‘The opportunities that stood out to me were all the relationships Deakin shares with international universities. It has formal partnerships with universities in more than 40 different countries where you can choose to complete a trimester or year of your degree.’

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Motilal Mathesh Shanmugam

‘I learnt about many available technologies which could be explored for better understanding the interaction of my nanoparticles with proteins or drugs. I was very grateful to my supervisor Dr Wenrong Yang for providing me with this opportunity.’

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Anna Cuttriss

‘The camps and field trips have always been so much fun and I feel like I have learnt more by doing things, rather than just learning in a classroom environment.'

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Lachie Hetherington

‘Deakin University in Warrnambool has an excellent social atmosphere and is extremely supportive. The support I have received was invaluable towards my endeavours at Deakin University.’

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Hannah Moloney

‘Sometimes science can be considered boring, and I didn’t really enjoy it in high school, however I loved it at uni because I was learning about the ocean and the environment. I constantly forgot that I was studying a science course.’

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Elizabeth Wemyss

‘My degree gave me all the relevant knowledge and practical skills to be able to work in the environmental field through the course content and the practical exercises such as field trips and camps’

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