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Computer science at Deakin ranked top 1% worldwide

Deakin University's Computer Science subjects have been ranked within the top 100-150 in the world in the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

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Tapping the big data goldmine could improve student success

Universities are sitting on a goldmine of data that could be tapped to enhance student success, according to Stuart Palmer, Associate Professor of Integrated Learning in Deakin University's Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.


Deakin engineering takes design thinking to the snowfields

Members of Deakin University's School of Engineering hit the ski slopes recently to help show secondary school students some of the career possibilities they could design for themselves by studying science and engineering.


The Undersea World of Daniel Ierodiaconou

He might not sport a red beanie, but Deakin's Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou could be Australia's 21st century answer to legendary French undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau.


Top 10 tips to develop your cyber smarts

Most of us know that installing antivirus software on your laptop and changing your Facebook password occasionally is a good idea when it comes to protecting yourself online.


Congratulations to new Alfred Deakin Professors

Professor Neil Barnett and Professor Colin Barrow, members of Deakin's School of Life and Environmental Sciences, have been appointed Alfred Deakin Professors.


Warrnambool lecturer wins seafood research award

Warrnambool marine ecologist recognised for habitat mapping work that has helped to protect reef systems and seafood stocks.

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Leading Ecologist Dr Euan Ritchie joins National Threatened Species summit

Ecology expert Dr Euan Ritchie will argue the case for rewilding of native apex predators such as the dingo and Tasmanian devil at the inaugural national Threatened Species Summit tomorrow.


ARC success for faculty researchers

A project being led by Professor Jeong Yoon from Deakin University's School of Engineering is one of two Deakin projects to have been successful in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage awards.


Conference an inspiring glimpse into the future of engineering and design

The first International Design Technology Conference – Destech 2015 – may have only recently ended, but Professor Guy Littlefair, Head of Deakin University's School of Engineering, is already looking to forward to the next one.


Seaweed the jewel in crown of Deakin photography exhibition

It's often smelly, slimy and gets in the way of a nice walk on the beach – and being called a weed doesn't help – but the true colours of the maligned seaweed have been revealed through Deakin University photography.


Humans once hunted them, but may now hold key to fur seal survival: Deakin research

Oil rigs and artificial reefs are often given a bad rap for their environmental impact but they may be playing a vital role in feeding one of Australia's largest sea creatures, still recovering from centuries of hunting by humans, new research led by Deakin scientists has found.


Blue carbon the unsung hero in the fight against climate change: Deakin research

Deakin University scientists have completed Victoria's first ever stocktake of blue carbon hot spots, revealing millions of tonnes of stored carbon, which they say is at risk of being returned to the atmosphere unless conserved.


3D printing hits the 'bio' sphere

Victoria's first 3D bioprinter, recently acquired by Deakin, has opened the way for interdisciplinary research.


Saying thank you for peer support

In late May, Deakin University's Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment hosted thank you lunches to recognise the contribution of the faculty's Peer Support Network Leaders for Trimester 1, 2015.


Deakin lecturers hatch IT incubator

A small group of academics from Deakin's School of Information Technology are about to give their students a chance to set up commercial companies and gain a competitive edge when they enter the market place.


Climate change could wipe out Australian mammals: Deakin research

Australian native animals could be under threat of extinction from climate change, with a unique longitudinal study by Deakin scientists finding our small mammal populations are suffering the ravages of long-term low rainfall conditions and intense wildfires.


Scientists unscramble egg allergens

In a world first, a Deakin / CSIRO research team has achieved one of the first critical steps towards developing allergy-free eggs. The breakthrough could lead to the production of allergy-free eggs within as little as five years.


Deakin brings Victoria’s underwater kingdom to the surface with bird’s eye view

Deakin University researchers have been given a bird's eye view of Victoria's underwater kingdoms, after attaching miniature video cameras to seabirds in a bid to work out how they find food in different environments.


Bird beaks feeling the heat of climate change say Deakin scientists

While the human population grapples with ways to counter the effects of climate change, Deakin University research has discovered that birds might have been working on their own solution for the past 145 years – grow bigger beaks.


Deakin ecologist embarks on big roo count to help save mammals

A Deakin University ecologist has launched a fundraising campaign to support his journey into the far northern tropics to collect information on kangaroos and wallabies as part of his mission to save them from extinction in northern Australia.

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Seaweed could help counter effects of climate change: Deakin research

A study into the carbon capturing capacity of coastal plants and seaweeds provides new insight into their potential to help counter the effects of climate change.


ABout - 2014 student publication

The School of Architecture and Built Environment student publication a+bout explores the intersection of art, design, technology and science whilst showcasing the best work produced by students


Running start for US researcher at Deakin

Running shoes that tell their wearer when they need to be replaced, or that can be individually customised to suit their wearer's gait?


Baxter the robot connecting the dots from San Antonio to Melbourne

At a recent technology expo in Melbourne, visitors could play a game of Connect Four with Baxter the robot thanks to the long-distance help of Deakin University School of Engineering PhD student Michael Mortimer in San Antonio, Texas.


Peter Garrett visits SEBE

Deakin University's Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE) and School of Life and Environmental Sciences ran their annual Deakin Enviro Seminar recently, hosting a presentation by Mr Peter Garrett AM – environmental activist, Midnight Oil frontman and former government minister.


Deakin research saves Antarctic fish from wastewater fate

The findings of a Deakin University PhD student investigating the impact of wastewater on fish in Antarctica has contributed to a major new environmental initiative to protect the continent from pollution.


Health data mining collaboration

Deakin University has signed an MOU with Max Healthcare to develop a project that will focus on data analytics for healthcare management in India.


New research to realise the sensor 'pipe dream'

A novel sensor is set to help extend the operational life of energy pipelines by decades.

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Dullness an advantage when it comes to survival - at least for birds

In the bird world of parenting, it is a matter of survival of the dullest, according to new international research led by Deakin University.

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Deakin scientists partner with Ridley to improve fish quality, reduce impact on environment

Deakin University scientists are on a mission to make the fish we eat healthier, tastier and more sustainable, by creating food for farmed fish completely free of any other marine life.

Tang Bryan Shen Siong

Landscape Architecture Student Prize

Congratulations to Tang Bryan Shen Siong who is the 2014 Deakin School of Architecture and Built Environment, Landscape Architecture prize winner for his project The Metamorphosis of Point Henry, Jillong.


Making every drop count

Two of the nation's top researchers in irrigation and sustainable land use, Dr John Hornbuckle and Dr Wendy Quayle, have joined Deakin's Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF)


Deakin empowers high-tech wireless partnership

Most Australians would not have heard of a ZigBee wireless mesh network, but the technology is set to play an increasing role in modern life - and can have life-saving applications.


Deakin research finds birds could hold secret to lasting relationships: work together and stay together

The more offspring a couple has to raise the more closely together they work to feed them, contradicting years of scientific belief, new Deakin research has found.

Amanda Lucas

Student researches Geelong student living

Fourth year Bachelor of Design (Architecture) & Bachelor of Construction Management student, Amanda Lucas-Patten, is the recipient of a Deakin University Student Summer Research Scholarship, which has provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with Dr Fiona Gray to explore concepts relating to urban revitalisation and place making.

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Fishes’ innate food choice could change with the environment: Deakin research

The fact that fish choose their food based on what colours they can see, as opposed to how it tastes, is an inherited trait that could have implications for the evolution in the animal kingdom, new Deakin University research has found.


VR CAVE ushers in a virtual future for engineering

Walking inside a virtual jet engine to "see" potential design flaws is just one possibility offered by the virtual reality (VR) CAVE within Deakin's new state-of-the-art engineering facility.


Students, industry to benefit from new Deakin partnership with global Indian-based engineering firm Cyient

Deakin's ongoing relationship with India has been strengthened through a new partnership with global engineering firm Cyient, which will open cross-cultural doors for students in both countries


Bloomin’ heck! Deakin marine scientist latches onto solution to jellyfish

They can wipe out an entire commercial fish farm overnight, terrify open water swimmers throughout the world and disable power stations, but Deakin's top marine scientist is part of a global team which could have the solution to the sting of the jellyfish bloom.


Slow and steady wins the race of the underwater world: Deakin research

Slow and steady doesn't just win the race between a tortoise and a hare, with new Deakin University research showing sluggish, shy and slow-growing underwater creatures have a better chance of avoiding death by fishing hook than their bigger and bolder counterparts.


From Geelong to Montpellier, researchers hope animals hold key to better human cancer outcomes

A Deakin University biologist is collaborating with French scientists to unlock the secrets to the animal kingdom's ability to fight cancer in an attempt to help human medicine better prevent and cure the disease.


PLEA Best Paper Award

A paper co-authored by Parisa Izadpanahi and Hisham Elkadi from the School of Architecture and Built Environment received the Best Paper Award at the 30th International Passive Low Energy Architect Conference (PLEA 2014).


Oh my frog n toad! Deakin scientist uncovers NT predators’ breakfast feast

Predators at one of Australia's most northern points are cleaning up frogs and toads hit by cars so quickly that the true cost of road kill could easily be underestimated, Deakin research has found.


Birds of a feather flock together to thrive despite stress: Deakin research

Australia's avian populations may be more resistant to environmental variations, such as climate change, than scientists may have thought, new Deakin University research shows.


Salmon expert reels in top nutrition medal

Deakin nutritionist Associate Professor Giovanni Turchini has been awarded one of the Nutrition Society of Australia's (NSA's) highest honours - the NSA annual medal, in recognition of his outstanding research in aquaculture and nutrition.

Justin Eastwood

Top award for smart parrot research

A Smart Geelong "Researcher of the Year" award has capped off an outstanding year for Deakin PhD student Justin Eastwood. Mr Eastwood was awarded the prestigious "CSIRO Award for Innovation in Infectious Disease Research or Prevention".

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ARC funding for faculty researchers

Congratulations to researchers from Deakin University's Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment who have been successful in the ARC scheme outcomes announced recently.

New anti-bullying computer game a Safekeeper

New anti-bullying computer game a Safekeeper

A partnership between Deakin University researchers and a Melbourne-based community organisation has created a computer game designed to prevent bullying.

Jaimie McGlashan

Google scholarship takes Jaimie to Tokyo

Tokyo was the destination for Deakin University maths honours student Jaimie McGlashan after she was awarded a 2014 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Asia Pacific recently.

Bernhard Dichtl

Discovering how cells play protein jigsaw

Mention quality control and many would think of large factories and long production lines, but Deakin University molecular biologist Dr Bernhard Dichtl is investigating the role of this process in a somewhat smaller environment – inside cells.


Students design their way to robot competition final

A team of Deakin undergraduate engineering students put their mechatronic design skills to the test at the national final of the 2014 Warman Design and Build Competition in Sydney recently.

Banded stilt

PhD student tracks desert waterbirds from space

Deakin University ecologists have gained fascinating new insights into the secret lives of a nomadic Australian waterbird whose ability to somehow know it has rained up to thousands of kilometres away has intrigued researchers for generations.

Justin Eastwood

Parrot colours linked to disease that kills other species

The iconic colours in one of one of Australia's most loved backyard parrots may be the surprise result of a tiny virus that kills other species, new Deakin University research has found.


New way to predict climate change impacts to estuaries

Centre for Integrative Ecology researchers have developed a world-first model to help scientists predict the impacts of climate change on estuaries in one region based on what occurs in another waterway in a different corner of the world.


Go Girl, Go For IT!

Pink was the colour of the day at Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus on 12 August when over 1100 girls from secondary schools around Victoria visited the campus for the 2014 Go Girl, Go for IT event.

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