Faculty office

Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor and General Manager

Name Position
Day, Professor Trevor Pro Vice-Chancellor (Science, Engineering and Built Environment)
Taylor, Mr Darren Faculty General Manager
Becker, Mrs Rachel Senior Technical Officer - Health, Safety and Environment
Connolly, Mr Matthew Manager, Health, Safety and Environment
Dimovski, Mr Steven Senior Project Officer - Digital Communication
Jackson, Ms Sally Executive Assistant to the Pro Vice-Chancellor
O'Neill, Ms Barbara Administrative Officer

Finance and Business Group

Name Position
Brown, Ms Carol Finance Manager
Abdelmalek, Ms Jane Financial Accountant
Anson, Mrs Megan Administrative Officer (Finance and HR)
Bubeck, Ms Jodi Acting Management Accountant (Research)
Cahill, Mrs Monique Administrative Officer
Campbell, Mrs Kathryn Administrative Officer (Finance and HR)
Giulieri, Ms Kathy Administrative Officer (Finance and HR)
Juhel, Ms Lysiane Administrative Officer
Rose, Mrs Susan Management Accountant (Research)
Santuccione, Rachel Administrative Officer (HR, Finance and Projects)

Governance and Curriculum Group

Name Position
Campbell, Professor Malcolm Deputy Dean
Scammells, Ms Linda Deputy Faculty General Manager
Browning, Ms Janelle Senior Project Officer
Drake, Dr Anne Governance and Curriculum Coordinator
Kemp, Mrs Jennifer Curriculum Coordinator
Naus, Ms Leigh Administrative Officer - Curriculum and Publications
Purcell, Mrs Kirsty Administrative Assistant
Thomas, Ms Katie Administrative Officer

International and Partnerships Group

Name Position
Baskaran, Professor Bas Associate Dean (International)
Thomas-Cucinotta, Ms Neema Manager, International and Partnerships
Berry, Mrs Yvonne Administrative Officer
Billings, Ms Rosemary Administrative Officer

Learning Support Team

Name Position
Campbell, Professor Malcolm Deputy Dean

Teaching Innovations Support

Smissen, Ms Jo

Senior Lecturer in Educational Design
Hains-Wesson, Dr Rachael Lecturer in Blended Learning
Campbell, Ms Adrienne LMS Development and Support Project Officer
Calwell, Mrs Jenny Administrative Officer
Dabas, Miss Parul Learning Environments Technical Officer

Course Design Support

Krishnan, Dr Siva

Faculty of SEBE Pod Manager
Harper, Mrs Perdita Learning Designer
Mc Cormick, Ms Trish Project Coordinator
Di Fabio, Ms Mariella Project Support Officer

Learning Resources Support

O'Brien, Mr David

Digital Resources Coordinator
Teychenne, Miss Simone Interactive Designer
Milanovic. Miss Carly Interactive Developer
Griffiths, Mr Matthew Image Designer
Richards, Mr Mark Video Producer
Work Integrated Learning and Outreach
Palmer, Assoc Prof Stuart Associate Professor, Integrated Learning
Young, Dr Karen Lecturer - Work Integrated Learning

Marketing and Communications Group

Name Position
White, Assoc Professor John Associate Dean (Development)
Morrison, Miss Fiona Manager, Marketing & Communications
Barber, Ms Vanessa Communication Officer
Darken, Ms Grace Marketing Communications Officer
Lyons, Mr Matthew Web Coordinator
Quick, Mrs Natalie Marketing and Events Officer
(position currently vacant) Marketing and Recruitment Officer

Strategy Planning and Research Administration Group

Name Position
Cahill, Professor David Associate Dean (Research)
Schultz, Ms Mandy Manager, Strategy Planning and Research Administration Group
Brocklebank Proud, Dr Anne Manager, Research Grants and Analysis
Drake, Dr Anne Governance and Curriculum Coordinator
Dunoon, Ms Sandra Research and Ethics Administration Coordinator
Robertson, Ms Barb Administrative Officer - Research
Treffry, Ms Teresa Administrative Officer - Research

Student and Staff Support Group

Name Position
Mackenzie, Ms Jan Manager, Staff and Student Support
Battye, Mrs Jenny Administrative Assistant
Boyd, Mr Rohan Student & Staff Support Coordinator
Del Bianco, Mrs Angelina Course Advisor
Ferreira, Mrs Ana Program Manager (Work Integrated Learning)
(position currently vacant) Student & Staff Support Coordinator
Henderson, Ms Ruth Course Advisor
Hunter, Mr Stewart Course Advisor
Johnson, Miss Jacqui Administrative Assistant
Lon Ho Kee, Mrs Monique International Student Enrolment Officer
Kavenagh, Mr Vincent Student & Staff Support Coordinator
Keith, Ms Janet Student & Staff Support Coordinator
May, Ms Teresa Course advisor
McLennan, Ms Jan Administrative Assistant
Neumann, Ms Jenny FAPDC Secretary
Rasmussen, Ms Jessica Administrative Assistant
Robertson, Ms Rosie Course Advisor
Toyoda, Ms Yoko Administrative Assistant


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