Enrolment for the first time

To help assist you with this process, download a checklist (154KB)

Enrol into units

At this step, you will be required to select your units and appropriate study location. You need to ensure you check that the units you choose have the appropriate location you wish to enrol in. Refer to the Plan your study area for further information.

Pre-enrolled units

Pre-enrolled units are subjects that are compulsory in your course. Your first year core units have been pre-enrolled onto your student record to assist you with enrolling for the first time. These units must be ‘Confirmed’ by you during the enrolment process for them to become actively enrolled.
Please seek assistance from a course adviser if you:

Unit set selection

If applicable, you will be prompted to select a unit set. For further information, vist the Plan your study area.

Unit sets are also known as major sequences or simply majors. If you course has this option, you can elect to study a 'major' which is a collection of specialised units as part of your overall course.

Note: You will still need to select the units that you wish to study. Units are not automatically selected.

How many units do I need to select?

If your course does not have unit sets, you will move through to select units, whether core or elective. The Plan your study area will help assist you with unit selections.

Most full time students will undertake full-time study of up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

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