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Welcome to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment at Deakin University and congratulations on your offer! This area has been put together to guide you through the enrolment process for the first time.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment provides a stimulating and supporting learning environment for your study in which you will experience many opportunities to excel in your studies.

Your course provides interaction with staff who will guide you through your studies and expose you to cutting edge research that is relevant to your course.

Studying with the faculty will help your reach your goals by building a broad skill base and understanding of your chose field in which you become well-informed, employable and adaptable for the work force and your career.

Welcome and best wishes.

Professor Trevor Day
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Science, Engineering and Built Environment)

Professor Trevor Day

Get started

Before you enrol for the first time, have a read through recommended computing standards at Deakin. This will ensure you are prepared for both enrolment and studying here.

Download our checklist

This will help you with the enrolment process as well as confirming you have completed everything you need to.

Create your Deakin username and password

Using the online username and password generation area, create your new Deakin username. This can take up to 2 hours to become active

Please have your letter of offer with you as this contains information needed to complete this task.

If you are unable to create your username and password or require assistance, please contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk


How many units will I study?

Most full time students will undertake study of up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

Some courses will have information sessions located at one of our campuses to assist with planning your study. Please ensure you choose the correct campus of enrolment.

Recognition of prior learning

If you have previously studied at an accredited institution or have gained knowledge and skills through prior learning, you may be eligible for this to count towards your Deakin degree. For more information visit Credit Transfer and Recognition

Plan your study!

The faculty has developed information relevant to your course that can help assist and guide you in planning the units you should enrol into. If you have not already visited our 'Plan your study' area, please take an opportunity to do so now.

Tax File Number (TFN)

Eligible students requesting HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP need to have a TFN. You should apply for one if you don't have one. You are able to enrol without a TFN, however remember to log into StudentConnect and enter it by census date otherwise your enrolment may be discontinued.


Log into StudentConnect

Using your new Deakin username and password, log into StudentConnect, Deakin's online student management system.

Confirm your details

View and formally accept your offer and declaration. Ensure that all of your personal information is completed and correct. If you do not agree with the statement and choose 'not to accept', you will be unable to proceed with your enrolment.

All students need to submit information for government statistics.

Domestic students only 

If you are in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) course, you are required to complete submit the electronic government assistance form (eCAF) and select whether you wish to pay contributions up front or to access HECS-HELP assistance. For further information visit StudyAssist.

Enrol into units

you will be required to select your units and appropriate study location. You need to ensure you check that the units you choose have the appropriate location you wish to enrol in.

Pre-enrolled units

Pre-enrolled units are subjects that are compulsory in your course. Your first year core units have been pre-enrolled onto your student record to assist you with enrolling for the first time. These units must be 'Confirmed' by you during the enrolment process for them to become actively enrolled.
Please seek assistance from a course adviser if you:

Unit set selection

If applicable, you will be prompted to select a unit set. Further information for your course can be found in Plan your study.

Unit sets are also known as major sequences or simply majors. If you course has this option, you can elect to study a 'major' which is a collection of specialised units as part of your overall course.

Note: You will still need to select the units that you wish to study. Units are not automatically selected.

How many units do I need to select?

If your course does not have unit sets, you will move through to select units, whether core or elective. The Plan your study area will help assist you with unit selections.

Most full time students will undertake full-time study of up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.

Review and next steps

You will need to confirm and check that all of your details are correct. Verify you meet course rules and that you have enrolled in the correct number of units.

Record (and print) your receipt number and if you require proof of your enrolment for Government purposes, print evidence of enrolment via the sidebar menu option.

If you are satisfied with everything you have provided, you can finish the process by logging out.

Next steps

Once you have enrolled, Deakin provides a number of resources for new students to get you started:

Life at Deakin should be memorable and rich in a range of experiences that lasts a lifetime. The Student Charter underpins the partnership between you and Deakin, sets out what you can expect and what responsibilities you have as member of our community. View the Student Charter.DeakinSync

After you have enrolled, take a look at DeakinSync - your personalised Deakin hub with easy access to everything you will need to succeed.

Assistance and contacts

If you have any unanswered queries or would like to discuss and seek course support, please visit us at one of our campus locations or alternatively contact us by phone or email.

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