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International study opportunities

Enhance your degree with one of our overseas study experiences. This could include an exchange to another university, a short-term study program, a study tour or international volunteering opportunities.

These programs allow you to study overseas for a few weeks, a trimester, or a year as part of your Deakin degree.

By doing so, you gain a worldly perspective, improve your networks and become a well rounded graduate ready for your career ahead.

Come along to an information session to find out how it works, what it costs and where you can go.

When you have researched your study options, please seek further advice from one of our course advisors.

Emily Young
Emily YoungBachelor of Engineering

I chose to study abroad to experience a new culture, meet new friends and travel the world to see amazing things, while also becoming part of a new community and town and not just being a tourist there.
I studied two engineering classes, one French class and one unit off campus (online) at Swansea University, right on the beach in Wales, UK. It was a little bit daunting at first but everyone was friendly, so it was really easy to settle in and feel at home. My experience was the best six months of my life!

As the workload was slightly less than in Australia, I had time to travel around and meet new friends. I lived on residence which was a new experience for me and had the best time which made it hard to leave at the end of the semester. Some highlights included going to the Welsh Varsity in Cardiff, a day trip to the beautiful old town of Bath, staying in a tiny old English village at a friend's house and a short trip up to Liverpool.

During the Easter break, I travelled to London and Scotland with another student from Deakin. We visited most of the tourist attractions, including Big Ben which was my favourite. The Highlands were breathtaking and we searched for Nessy on a boat tour of Loch Ness.
Later on I went to Ireland and after uni finished, I went to Europe for three weeks, where I visited Italy, Prague (my favourite city), Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. It lived up to all my expectations!

Studying overseas gave me motivation to do well in my degree so that I can work internationally.

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