changes to deakin terminology

Your learning experience

We live in a digital world and at Deakin, we have embraced digital technologies to help you reach your full potential. You can choose to study in your office, at home, while travelling or experiencing what the world has to offer. The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment allows you to experience these flexible study options.

Changes to terminology

As part of the LIVE the Future: Agenda 2020 plan, Deakin has updated what it calls some things to better align to what they are.

Traditional terms like 'distance', 'on/off campus' are no longer appropriate as:

  • there is a greater choice in how you as a student can learn
  • learning is now accessed through a variety of channels
  • cloud technologies are opening up exciting opportunities; and
  • the learning experience is becoming increasingly interactive

Have a look at our quick reference guide found on this page to find out what's changed

For further information, visit Enrolment Modes.


The LIVE plan consists of:

Learning: Offer brilliant education where you are and where you want to go
Ideas: Make a difference through world-class innovation and research
Value: Strengthen our communities, enable our partners and enhance our enterprise
Experience: Delight our students, our staff, our alumni and our friends

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