Review of Result

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment units only

This process is pursuant to Regulation 5.3(1) Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses (section 4) and Assessment (Higher Education Courses)-Procedure (sections 58 – 63)

Students may apply to the Faculty Committee for an academic review of result in a unit, including assessment in any part of a unit. Applications must include the grounds for such a review and be made within five working days from the date of official notification of the results in the unit.

If you only wish to check that your final result has been calculated correctly and include all assessment task marks, you must apply directly to your Unit Chair.

Academic Review of Result

To proceed with an application, you will need to provide sufficient grounds or the reason for seeking a review. If your application reason is inadequate or unsubstantiated, your application will be rejected. Examples of reasons that will not be accepted:

  • I only need 1 or 2 marks to pass
  • This is the final unit of my degree
  • I was not feeling well during the exam
  • I think I deserve more
  • I though I did well enough to pass
  • A family member (or friend) was sick

It is your responsibility to provide sufficient evidence and documentation to justify a review of result. An incomplete application or one lacking in documentation will not be processed. Please note that this process does not give you feedback on your performance.

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If you have any queries regarding the process, please contact the Secretary, Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee.

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