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Faculty scholarships, prizes and awards

Deakin University is proud of it's history in broadening access to education and offers a vast range of access and equity scholarships and grants. The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment offers a number scholarship opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Scholarships are designed to reward outstanding academic achievements and assist students from many different backgrounds pay for their university fees.

Please note that the Barwon Water Civil Engineering Scholarship is currently under review.

IGNITED (Initiative for a Girls Network in Information Technology and Engineering @ Deakin) Scholarships - Female students enrolled in an undergraduate course within the School of Engineering or School of Information Technology, can find out more about IGNITED

The Bennett Honours Scholarship - Students enrolled in the Honours year of the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering or related combined degree with a project in the field of fibres or textiles, find out more about The Bennett Honours Scholarship

Pham Family Honours Scholarship - Enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology and to wish to pursue an honours degree in IT at the Melbourne Burwood Campus, find out more about Pham Family Honours Scholarship

Bennett Research Scholarship - Masters or PhD students undertaking a project on fibres and textiles, can find out more about The Bennett Research Scholarship

The Barwon Water Achievement Award - Students from the Barwon region applying for the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) with an interest in the Water Industry, can find out more about the Barwon Water Achievement Award

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