WIL Student Resources

Download our student starter pack (517KB) to express your interest in undertaking an industry placement

Your obligations

As a WIL student, you are expected to take full responsibility for your professional outcomes as well as meet your obligations as a Deakin student. Whilst you are on a placement, you remain accountable for your actions.

For more information, please view student obligations and guidelines (85KB)

Important placement information

As a WIL student, you must complete the unit STP010 Introduction to WIL Placements. For more information, view STP010 unit information.

View important placement information (84KB) for insurance, contracts, supervision, enrolment and assessments.

Finding placements

WIL placements are either sourced by you or the faculty. Finding your own host organisation to undertake an IBL or Internship is not to dissimilar in finding employment after graduation. You need to create an application which includes a cover letter and resume.

Please view a suggested list of employers (95KB)

Real World Modules Series Workshops

All students who undertake a WIL placement must complete these workshops.

For more information about these workshops, please visit Real World Modules Series

Your Resume

A successful resume is a tool used to self-market yourself to get an interview. Resumes should highlight your strengths and achievements but also be concise and to the point (up to 3 pages).

It should also address the needs and expectations of the organisation you wish to work for, whilst demonstrating your skills, expertise and accomplishments.

Students applying for placements must have a resume.

Your resume should include:

  • Personal Details
  • Career Objective/Personal Statement
  • Educational and academic qualifications
  • Technical Skills and Abilities
  • Employment History (including volunteer work).
  • Professional development
  • Professional memberships
  • Hobbies and/or Interests
  • Referees

We recomment that you use the online Resume builder. Additional useful information and resources are available on the Careers and Employment website.

Contact information

For more information regarding the WIL Program, applications and support, please email sebe-wil@deakin.edu.au

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