STP010 Introduction to WIL Placements

This unit only needs to be completed by undergraduate students.

This unit aims to prepare undergraduate students for work placements opportunities during their degrees.

This is a 0 credit point unit delivered via CloudDeakin and should take no more than 4-6 hours to complete.

Students must complete and pass this unit as it is a prerequisite for all placement units (professional practice, internship, and industry based learning).

You will enrol in the STP010 Introduction to Work Placements unit via StudentConnect.

If you have any queries regarding completion of this unit, please contact

STP010 is structured into 4 modules:

  • Module 1 - Work Placement Opportunities: identifying different types of work opportunities and explaining why it's important to plan for a placement that will count as a credit point in the degree
  • Module 2 - Career Planning: career goals and how to plan in order to achieve these. Techniques of career planning, how to create career action plan, how to build a resume and how to create an e-portfolio in CloudDeakin
  • Module 3 - Professionalism: recognising professionalism on the workplace
  • Module 4 - Searching for a Placement: tips on employment opportunities searching which will assist the students to secure a placement during the degree

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