Honours in Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Honours is a specialised year of study allowing you to draw together the theory and practical skills gained in undergraduate studies and develop an in-depth knowledge of your chosen discipline through research and additional course work.

There are two types of honours offered by the faculty:

On-course honours - the honours component is embedded in the bachelor's degree.

Research-based honours - an additional year of study taken after completing your bachelor's degree involving research and training supervised by an experienced staff member.

The benefit to you

Completing honours will provide you with significant experience and an exciting opportunity to expan your skills base before moving into employment or further studies.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment fosters a very supportive environment for honours students and offers opportunities for staff and students to interact at various gatherings throughout the year.

Honours programs offered by the Schools

The faculty offers Research-based honours in:

  • Biomedical
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics

On-course honours are available as part of the undergraduate programs in:

  • Construction Management
  • Engineering

Honours dates

The following dates apply to Research-based (Type A) honours programs only:

  • For students commencing in Trimester 1, 2014: Commencement Tuesday 28 January, 2014 and thesis submission Monday 27 October, 2014
  • For students commencing in Trimester 2, 2014: Commencement Monday 14 July 2014 and thesis submission Monday 20 April, 2015


For more information on how to apply for honours, visit Apply for honours.

Applications are welcome from other university graduates.

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