Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) enables you to incorporate a full or part time industry work placement as part of your degree and it’ll count as course credit.

Not only will it prepare you for employment once you graduate but you’ll get first-hand industry insights and develop your professional network. WIL experiences are a key advantage on your resume.

The major benefits of work integrated learning

Josh White undertook work placement at Draeger Medical Australia and he underlines the major benefits to this type of learning.

Industry-based learning (IBL)

Take part in a one-and-a-half, three, six or 12-month industry-based learning (IBL) placement and let it help shape your career direction. You’ll get paid approximately 80% of a graduate salary. We’ve got opportunities in a range of organisations, including the government and non-government sector, small or large businesses and local or international companies.

The program:

  • assists in the development of work ready workplace skills and, in particular, develops the key competencies of a lifelong learner
  • allows you to critically appraise and demonstrate development of discipline-specific knowledge, skills and dispositions required for future professional pathways
  • assists in developing your professional work practices and networks.

STEM placement

As a short-term (152-160 hours) unpaid internship, our STEM placement gives you the chance to integrate and enhance course-specific knowledge and skills. You'll also develop your employability skills in real-world settings. Students have the opportunity to be mentored by an industry expert in their field of study.

The program also allows students who are current working to complete a STEM placement. You can work on a new project or in a new role that is related to your course through applied learning from the course-related framework.

Career placement

Through our career placements, we set up students in short-term (112-120 hours) unpaid internships so you can learn how to work within an organisation and develop your professional abilities. The focus is on increasing your broad employability skills without needing to apply specific course knowledge.

Example placements include:

  • a science student who wants to pursue veterinary and gets a job at a vet clinic in reception or an assistant. This student will be doing all kind of tasks, e.g. attending to customers, making appointments, cleaning, observing vets.
  • a student who currently works in retail in one specialist area could do a placement in another area - i.e. different products, customers and knowledge required

You will provide showcases of how your placement experience has prepared you for the next stage of study and the workforce.

Start Anytime

Industry based learning (IBL) placements, STEM placements and Career placements are offered in a 'Start Anytime' mode giving you greater flexibility in your studies. This means you could start an internship or work placement any time in the year as it is not linked to a trimester period of study.

Read more on the benefits of Start Anytime

Postgraduate IT Professional Practice

Professional Practice is a discipline-specific, full time paid placement (60-85 working days) which can be undertaken by Master of Information Technology students. You'll enhance your knowledge and skills and develop your professional networks – all in preparation for your future career.

Information for employers & organisations

The WIL program aims to give students an opportunity to experience working in an environment offering similar characteristics to that of future employment and careers.

As an organisation, you have the ability to offer and accept a placement for students to assist with their learning and preparation for employment. WIL placements are an excellent and rewarding opportunity.

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If you’re an employer with a potential placement opportunity, please contact:

Industry Engagement Manager (Work Integrated Learning)
Mark Tolson
+61 3 9244 5220
Email Mark Tolson

Why employers engage Deakin University placement students

Some of our past work placement employers discuss the benefits to their business when employing a Deakin placement student.