Intergenerational-Early Childhood

This stream covers the pivotal transition from young adulthood to parenthood and raising offspring through to the pre-school years. This transition poses a broad range of developmental challenges for parents and offspring. Central to social and emotional development in this period is the establishment of a secure attachment relationship between parents and their children.

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Jennifer McIntosh
Gery Karantzas


James Aloni
Sharyn Bant
Michelle Benstead
Felicity Bigelow
Zoe Bloore
Anna Booth
Susan Chesterman
Sasha Davies
Peter Enticott
Kiira Gavralas
Christopher Greenwood
Emily Irwin
Rebecca Knapp
Juwon Lee
Michelle Macvean
Emma Marshall
Mariel McClure
Ellie Mullins
Craig Olsson
Jessica Opie
Melissa O'Shea
Bengiani Pizzirani
Daniel Romano
Si Yun (Evelyn) Tan

Research Focus Areas

MAC Consortium

Research within this stream is coordinated through The Melbourne Attachment and Caregiving (MAC) Consortium, which is an Australian affiliate of the internationally renowned Mary Ainsworth Child-Parent Attachment Clinic. The MAC Consortium is founded on the Australian Temperament Project Generation 3 Study (see Lifecourse and Surveillance), funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Australian Research Council. The MAC Consortium has strong community based, clinical and educational programs, and offers the only accredited training in coding of attachment and caregiving behaviour for the Strange Situation Procedure in Australia.

SoAR Lab

The SoAR Lab focuses on understanding the underlying systems that regulate the way that people interact in their relationships. Drawing on some of the major theories in social psychology and personality, our lab studies relationships across the entire span of adulthood (including the transition to young adulthood). Our laboratory aims to gain insight into the processes that govern the functioning of close relationships and their outcomes. Our research targets a wide variety of contexts which currently include important life events, transitions and emerging social issues that can impact on relationships. We aim to bridge the gap between science and practice by making our research accessible to the academic and therapeutic communities as well as the general public.