Translation Sciences

Our research across this theme supports the translation of effective preventive interventions into broader systems of community and education.


Helen Skouteris
Gregory Tooley
Jaclyn Broadbent

Our aim

To lead new conceptual frameworks that describe key processes for embedding efficacious interventions into government, community and education systems to ensure that SEED outputs are translated in ways that maximise sustainability and reach.

Research focus areas

Translation into Health Systems

This unique program translates SEED developmental science to foster the healthy eating and active living home environmental for children in out-of-home care​. HEALing Matters is a leading example of best practice implementation into a health systems platform that enables statewide dissemination of an efficacious 12-month intervention, inclusive of 6-months maintenance which aims to provide the young people with information and practical opportunities to improve their eating and physical activity habits. HEAL also targets their direct-care staff, providing professional development, resources and support to facilitate these behaviour changes among the young people.

Translation into Community and Clinical Programs


This project translates SEED developmental science into supporting children and young people living with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder, such as Autism. This program focuses on inclusive engagement of children with disabilities in sport by creating an evidenced-based resource (website/mobile app) for football coaches, parents and children to use to enhance the opportunity for children with disabilities to participate in the Australian Football League’s (AFL) Auskick program.

Communities That Care (CTC)

This project translates SEED developmental science into a community based framework that supports local responses to risk and protective factors relevant to child and youth social and emotional development. CTC is a leading example of community lead translation based on evidence based indicators of risk and protection that are aligned with evidence based programs for addressing community profiles.

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes works to raise awareness and influencing practice and policy around living with diabetes.

Translation to education

Tertiary Education

This project focuses on translating SEED developmental science into undergraduate and postgraduate training offered through the Deakin School of Psychology. The purpose is to incorporate developmental science into all aspects of curriculum and professional training offered through the school to equip a future social welfare and mental health workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to promote emotional health and prevent mental disorder across each of the major developmental stages of the life course.

Early Childhood Education

This project focuses on translating SEED developmental science through the co-creation of a new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that supports early childhood educators to enhance social and emotional learning in preschoolers. The SEL curriculum is being developed using an intervention mapping approach.