Translation Sciences

Our research across this theme supports the translation of effective preventive interventions into broader systems of community and education.


Helen Skouteris

Our aim

Our aim is to:

  • produce new conceptual frameworks that describe key processes for embedding efficacious interventions into government systems for sustained delivery into the community
  • ensure that our outputs are actively translated and evaluated through both:
    • broad practice and policy partnerships
    • undergraduate and postgraduate student curriculum (the next generation).

Focus areas

A development web portal

A portal that provides a high-quality, graphical user interface on the major game-changers in early emotional life. The portal is coupled with effective intervention responses for parents, teachers, health professionals, practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

An early years developmental curriculum

A curriculum that translates gold standard knowledge about the milestones in early social-emotional life (0–4 years) into an organised, multilevel intervention format. The curriculum is capable of being implemented across major early childcare centres in Victoria.

Preventing Poor Developmental Outcomes in Children and Youth Program

A program that seeks to translate effective social and emotional regulation approaches into applied policy. The program settings are aimed at the prevention of cardio-metabolic risk within, and across, generations.