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Counsellors and the FAPDC

Counsellors can be valuable support to students attending the FAPDC process. Consider referring students to the Counselling Service.

This is a time when the student is reviewing their year and the reasons for their poor grades. It can be a unique opportunity for students to get help. Students are often more willing to consider counselling at such times, so a timely suggestion of a referral can make a great deal of difference.

However, if a student has not seen a counsellor during the semester to discuss their problems we don’t always write letters of support. We will make an assessment of the situation, assist the student to understand their issues, support them in preparing for the hearing and make referrals where appropriate. Sometimes we will write a letter describing the circumstances or making an assessment of the issue. We will continue to see the student for counselling if they require and are willing to do so.

Counsellors can assist the FAPDC process by supporting staff:

  • We are available to be consulted about difficult or concerning cases.
  • In emotionally supporting the student who might become distressed during the hearing.
  • We make time available during the FAPDC hearing period to see students immediately for direct follow up and support.

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17th March 2011