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Motivation during times of change

Some changes in your life you choose for yourself, other changes are outside your control. Some changes are welcome, others are not. During times of change it is important for you to care for yourself. If the changes that have taken place feel overwhelming, talking to a counsellor can help you adjust to the change.

Quick Tips

When someone you care about dies

  • Talk to your supervisor about temporary adjustments to your work load.  Maybe you can use some leave time to work shorter days.
  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish at this time.
  • Praise yourself for your accomplishments, even the small ones.
  • Just do the really important things.
  • See a counsellor.
  • Keep connected to your workplace.
  • Try to maintain your usual routines as best you can.

When a relationship ends

  • Be realistic about what you can achieve.
  • Reconnect with yourself by doing some enjoyable activities.
  • See a counsellor if you are having difficulty letting go or moving forward.
  • Keep connected to your workplace,
  • Try to maintain your usual routines as best you can.

Change in career or position

  • It may take you a few months to adjust to the new role/team/boss/software systems etc.
  • It can also take some time to get to know your new co-workers.
  • If the change is not of your choosing, think about what you have control over and what you don’t.  Often the main thing we are in control of is our behaviour and self care during times of change. 
  • If the change is not of your choosing, don’t get distracted by the things you can’t stop changing, focus your energy on areas where you can participate. 
  • See an EAP Counsellor to find out more about what you can be doing to help you adjust.
  • Be patient, it will get more familiar with time.
  • Try to find out what others do during their lunch break and join in.
  • Even if you are feeling shy, try to get to know your new co-workers, ask them questions about their role, what they did on the weekend etc.
  • Ensure that both you and your new supervisor are clear about your new position, its duties and tasks.

If after a month you are feeling confused, lonely, and not able to work well, we recommend you speak to one of the counsellors for some support and information. They can talk to you about how you are managing and help you develop some strategies for coping with the changes.

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