Information for parents/guardians

Is there a transition program?

The successful transition to university is exciting, as well as being a time of personal change in your life. Our residential communities provide a place for you to connect and feel a part of Deakin. Residences also help you settle in to your new university environment. A successful social transition, particularly in first year, is the key to a successful academic transition to university. It is also a valued part of a student's university learning experience.

Residences have performed longitudinal research for residents' retention and academic success rates and shown these to be generally higher compared with off-campus students. Residents take pride in being a 'living and learning' community, with a strong sense of a resident's personal and academic support - for their transition and success through the University.

Residences provide a range of support services and networks to help you get the most out of your Deakin whole-of-University experience including tertiary orientation programs, which are designed to assist your transition to university and familiarise you with the range of University services.

It is therefore our intention to:

  • provide a comprehensive range of social and recreational programs to assist supportive relationships and friendships
  • ensure a comprehensive support team of peers, senior students and staff are available for the times when confidence wavers or homesickness sets in
  • enhance life skills to foster personal development
  • engage residents in their new living and learning environment
  • provide academic programs to assist in meeting the challenge of tertiary education
  • provide an environment where residents are exposed to a diversity of cultures
  • ensure a welcoming community atmosphere.

Staying in touch

How can I contact my son/daughter whilst on residence?

We provide students with a "wealth of information" when they arrive on residence, including an information sheet regarding their postal address and phone number.

Spare copies of this sheet are produced and handed to the resident on their day of arrival. It is then their responsibility to notify relevant parties or forward a copy of the information in the mail.

Due to privacy legislation, we are unable to disclose a student’s contact details to another person.

Should you need to forward postal items to your son/daughter prior to notification of their permanent address, please address it to them at the relevant Residences office

Who can I contact on-campus if I’m concerned about my son/daughter's wellbeing?

Should you like to make enquiries about your son or daughter at residence, please contact staff at the Residences’ office who will direct you to the Campus Manager and they will assist with any advice. Contact details






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21st November 2013