What happens next?


Do I automatically receive a room when I apply?

As the demand for accommodation outweighs the rooms available, submitting an application form simply means you will be included in the selection process. It does not guarantee that you will be successful in securing a room.

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How am I selected?

Once you have been offered an academic place at Deakin, we will then consider your complete application for on-campus accommodation using the following selection criteria:

1) Satisfactory reference form
2) Geographic location - distance that you live from campus
3) Previous community/leadership involvement
4) Faculty/gender/cultural balance
5) Willingness to participate in residential life

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When will I be notified?

See ‘offers sent from residences office’ in the key dates section.

Status of applications will not be discussed over the phone.

If your application is successful, you must confirm your place by accepting your offer online and paying the appropriate fees by the date specified in the key dates section.

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How will I be notified?

If you are successful in obtaining an on-campus accommodation place you will receive an email notifying you of your offer. The email will detail how to accept your offer online.

If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a place, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been unsuccessful.

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How do I accept my offer?

Once you have received your offer email you will need to pay the appropriate fees and accept your offer online by the date specified in the email. When accepting your offer you will be accepting the terms and conditions within the:

  • Licence Agreement
  • Residential Code
  • Deakin University Residences Handbook

You will be required to accept your online offer by the date outlined in your email or you will forfeit your accommodation place.

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What is the timeframe for accepting my offer?

Acceptance of offer should be made as specified in the offer email. Please refer to the date listed under ‘confirmation of offer required from student’ section in key dates.

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Can I stay temporarily?

Once you have accepted your Licence Agreement, you are legally obligated to honour the agreement until the date specified. 

Most students are offered a Licence Agreement for the full academic year, however agreements for exchange students are usually for six months.

Please be aware that if you vacate before the specified date on your agreement, financial penalties apply.  Further information about revocation of Licence Agreements can be found in the Residences Handbook.

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Can I defer my accommodation place?

If you defer your course, you also forfeit your accommodation place and will need to reapply for accommodation the following year.

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What if my application is unsuccessful?

Should you be unsuccessful in obtaining a place on residence, all is not lost! Successful applicants are given a deadline date for accepting their offer. If the online acceptance and payment are not received by the specified date they will forfeit their accommodation place.

You are encouraged to keep in contact with Residences during this time. Vacancies do occur up until the official shift in date (and beyond!) due to applicants accepting offers from other institutions or deferring from their course of study.

It is not unusual for vacancies to exist leading into the intra-trimester break at Easter in April so please, let us know if your preference is to live on-campus and we may well be able to accommodate you.

The Trimester 2 intake occurs in July. Applications for Trimester 2 are encouraged by mid May.  If you have already applied at the start of the year, there is no need to reapply, but you will need to contact us and request that your application be "reactivated" for Trimester 2.

It is also wise to contact the Division of Student Life Off-Campus Housing Service. They will be able to assist in securing appropriate accommodation for you off-campus. It is advisable to register your interest with them as soon as you find out you have been unsuccessful in securing on-campus accommodation. 

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Licence/Residential TenancyAgreement

If offered a place in residence you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions within the Licence/Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Please read your Agreement carefully and be aware that you are accepting your offer for the dates specified in the email, as the charges have been set on that expectation.

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Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

31st October 2013