Change Cloud (online) exam location

Changes to examination locations are subject to certain fees and timelines. A fee may be payable if your exam location is not correctly recorded or you have not nominated an exam location within the required deadline for exam venue changes. It is each student's responsibility to ensure their exam location is correct by checking StudentConnect.

Changing your address on StudentConnect does not change your exam location, you will need to follow the instructions at the bottom of this page under 'How to change your location'.

Exam location change fees and dates

Fees charged for changing exam location in 2014 - listed by date and for each trimester
  Trimester 1 2014 Trimester 2 2014 Trimester 3 2014  
No fees for changes up until 12 May up until 15 September  up until 15 Jan 2015
Fees between $50 and $200 #   From 13 May to 26 May    From 16 Sept to 29 Sept    From 16 Jan to 29 Jan 2015
No changes are possible From 27 May to exams From 30 Sept to exams From 30 Jan 2015 to exams

These fees are detailed each year in the University's Fees and Charges Booklet.

# Late change of examination location charge for changes requested between two and four weeks prior to the commencement of the relevant examination period (per unit)

  • Change of examination location to a Campus based location (for a cloud (online) unit) or to another campus based location (for a cloud (online) unit) - $50
  • Change of examination location to a cloud (online) location in Australia - $150
  • Change of location to cloud (online) location outside Australia (will be reduced to $100 if location is already operating for other exams) - $200

Examination charges for Deakin Study Abroad Students

  • Within regular award examination period - $50
  • Outside regular award examination period - current supervision hourly rate will apply - current supervision hourly rate will apply

How to change your location

You can complete an Online change of exam venue form at least 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the exam period to avoid fees.  A response to your request will be sent within 5 business days.

Allow 7 days business days for your change of venue to appear on StudentConnect and recheck your details, including the starting time as this may differ to your previous venue.

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