Common results questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, or the outcome of your results, it is best to speak to your Unit Chair or Unit Coordinator. You can find their contact details on the Find Deakin Staff on the Contact us page.

In the meantime - here are some answers to questions you may have.

When are results released?

The Result Release page has the times and dates for each study periods result release.  It also tells you how you can register to receive your results by SMS or view them on StudentConnect.

I think I've finished my course, how do I apply to graduate?

Firstly - woohoo! If you think you have completed all the requirements for your course, check out the Graduation website for more details.

Can I request a review of my result?

You may apply to the Unit Chair to check the administrative accuracy of your result.

There is also a formal process to apply for a review of result through each Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee (FAPDC) within 5 working days release of results. The procedure is outlined in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure. Before starting this process, you should discuss this with your Faculty.  The Review of Result process may result in your grade/mark being marked higher or lower. These webpages below provide links to each Faculty's process for Review of Results.

There is no fee charged to request a review of your results.

Am I eligible for a pass conceded?

You may be eligible for a pass conceded (PC) if you are one credit point short of completing your course and meet certain other conditions.  The eligibility criteria is outlined in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure.  Refer to your Faculty site below for further information and the process to apply.

What does RIE mean?

Result not finalised, a special examination has been granted in response to an application for Special Consideration.

What does RIA mean?

Result not finalised, a special assessment task has been granted in response to an application for Special Consideration.

What does RI mean?

Result incomplete/not finalised as it was not possible to finalise an individual student's result at the time of result publication.

What does ** mean?

Result not yet received from the Faculty for publishing.

I have failed a unit/s, what should I do now?

If you have failed a unit or units, your Faculty Student Support Staff can help. They can sit down with you, give you advice and look at your course rules to get you on the right path.

Key to results

For a full list of all current results and their meanings, you can view the Key to results website.

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